At NiT Studio, we aim to inspire the flow of creativity, create an environment where creators can feel aesthetic appreciation, and are excited about their visions.

We are more than a studio.

We are a community where you feel empowered.

Exclusive Features

180 Window Walls

These windows give way to soft light in the day-time and a warm glow as the sun sets Oh, and a stunning city skyline view.


Whatever vibe you are going for, we got you. Our vast array of colours and styles means that you can always be inspired.

Lights & camera

That’s right. Not only do we offer photoshoot studio hire, but you can also use all the equipment as a part of your session.

cyclorama wall

By fully equipped, we mean fully-equipped. Achieve the impossible and play with the unlimited space.

10Th floor rooftop

In need to switch it up? Or maybe you just want to take a peek at the city view in-between shots for some inspiration.

100 m2 space

There are just endless possibilities on how you can use the space to fuel your creative process.


Whether you are new to the scene, or an experienced creative, we have round-the-clock studio assistance and a strict privacy policy.

Located in the heart of Nairobi, NiT Studio offers more than just photoshoot studio hire. It serves as a creative space for all, bringing together talent from near and far to celebrate and share art.

Doing so allows us to provide value for our customers. Rather than just provide a space, we also invite creative to give you the opportunity to also hire makeup artist and photographer, a photoshoot set designer, and even get a marketing consultation!

NiT Studio is where creativity is nourished.

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Studio Hire

Our Studio Hire rates depend on how many hours you want to book. The more hours you book, the lower the hourly rate!



In need of a place to take photos in but are still unsure about finding a photographer? Here at NiT you have the option of custom-built packages that come with 10 pictures per hour booked. We offer competitive and affordable prices so that you can just focus on the art creation itself.


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Stay tuned for our workshops and events! Not only do we provide cheap photography studio rental at competitive prices, but we also offer the space for those who want to exchange skills and grow their network


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