New in Town Studio is not your regular studio offering photoshoot studio hire. We are located on the 10th floor in a beautiful location, with 180 window walls drawing in refreshing natural lighting. Beyond just being a multifaceted studio, we are a space that is home to a community of creatives and one that empowers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our service listing, don’t worry. Whether it is a photography makeup artist, a photoshoot set designer, or even if you need to both hire a makeup artist AND a photographer — here at NiT Studio, we pride ourselves on being resourceful and making things happen. In other words, we got you.


Hey there! Welcome to NiT Studio. NiT Studio is for all the creatives. It is a space for YOU to explore your creativity. So whether you are a photographer, videographer, cinematographer, make-up artist, stylist, graphic designer, actor, director, creative director, set designer, or even someone who loves to experience it all (like myself), then NiT Studio is FOR YOU.

When you come into NiT Studio, all I want is for you to have the best possible experience with me and my team. I love meeting new people, learning about your story, creative journey, forming new friendships and partnerships. I like to think of NiT Studio as a community and not just a creative space.

My love for NiT Studio runs deep because it has allowed me to tap into my creative side! Every day, I watch individuals like myself who spend their days in corporate offices come in and explore their creative side. I encourage you to go into the studio and feel at home! Feel free to create whatever runs through your mind. Let it be a breath of fresh air from Nairobi’s day-to-day hustle and bustle. Let it be a home for you where we can help you bring your ideas to life or host you and your team in bringing your ideas to life. Let it be a home for you to even come on your own and self-create with privacy and comfort.

Let me tell you a bit about my creative journey. I particularly love creating sets and being a part of photoshoots. I enjoy self-shooting short videos of the process of my shoots at the studio. I am passionate about business and growth and would love to see all the creatives in the studio grow professionally. I don’t believe in having just one in-house photographer; I believe in creating partnerships with different creatives and meeting clients’ needs through strategic placement. That way, opportunities are spread out more beneficially for the whole industry.

NiT Studio has recently, through a fantastic partnership with IDAMARIS & Co., expanded into providing Digital Marketing and Marketing Consultation services. Digital Marketing is another passion of mine, mainly because it is today’s means of expressing your brand and even yourself to the world. It is so important to have a unique and interactive website and social media, connect with online influencers, build the technical back-end of your online presence, or craft your marketing strategy with intention!

For this reason, I am excited to continuously provide our NiT Studio with resources and opportunities to help you reach your vision!

Agori Korbandy

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In need of a place to take photos in but are still unsure about finding a photographer? Here at NiT you have the option of custom-built packages that come with 10 pictures per hour booked. We offer competitive and affordable prices so that you can just focus on the art creation itself.


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Stay tuned for our workshops and events! Not only do we provide cheap photography studio rental at competitive prices, but we also offer the space for those who want to exchange skills and grow their network



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