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NiT Studio offers a range of Digital Marketing services to provide you with all the tips, tricks and resources to scale your business/brand to get more clients and build brand awareness.

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digital marketing services

Strategizing, Branding, Social Media, Website, and more! We offer a free 20-minute consultation call with one of our marketing experts. They will walk you through what you are doing so far, and what direction you need to go. Then, all you have to is get started!


what to expect

When you fill out the form, you will receive an email the sign up for a call with one of the team representatives, as well as a form to fill out to get information that can help us direct the consultation.

In the call, we will look at what you’ve done so far for marketing, and what your next steps should be. We will also go through a brief marketing audit of your socials/website.

After the call you will receive an outline of your 6-month marketing plan, which will be useful to mentally map out your business’ growth. From there, we can step in to get everything marketing-related done for you


what is digital marketing?

Virtually any sort of online presence of a business or a brand can be a part of digital marketing. Today, digital marketing defines the relationship you build with your target audience. Every form of communication from a business/brand to a potential client is a part of marketing online. Word-of-mouth marketing is simply amplified with the ever-growing social media networks. Now is the time to leverage it to grow your brand identity locally, or really wherever you want.

how can i leverage it?

Putting yourself out there as a creative or promoting your products/services is just not going to cut it anymore. There needs to be a community built around your brand, with value being offered and an incentive for people to keep an eye peeled for the next thing you have to offer. The foundation of digital marketing comes down to the way that you strategize, and then implement it.

where we come in...

It’s simple! This starts with a free consultation to hear from you what your brand’s goals are, what you’ve done so far with marketing, and how we can step in to help at affordable prices!


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