How to monetize as a creative General

How to monetize as a creative General

It’s easy to mix the terms “artistic” with “creative. At first glance, they mean the same thing. Wrong! Being artistic is more the ability to create any work of art — paintings, music, poems, or whatever. Being creative is using imagination to develop new things and solve existing problems.

That brings me to the main point: your question as to whether you can make money from your creative skills in the same way that you can make money from pieces of art. The answer is – obviously, yes. But, there are so many ways you could do this! So, be creative and allow these ideas to open up your mind to how to turn your art skills into a money machine! Or, less harshly, a stable source of income.

You have to be practical. If you are skilled at anything, consider whether or not people would pay you money to do this thing for them. Go online, make your services online and accessible on the internet! Create accounts on popular social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Have a photoshoot set designer to help bring the oomf in your shoots that you could use in a portfolio! You could start a YouTube channel and begin uploading videos that showcase your artistic abilities when you have a space rental for the photoshoot that you can leverage to take your portfolio to the next level.

You can even reach out to online magazines and blogs! You can find a magazine willing to showcase your work with a good portfolio. Writing stories, trying out being a photoshoot set designer yourself, and doing art direction for the press and blogs is a great way to bring in revenue as an artist and build influential contacts and get your name out there. Not to forget that it’s never too late to contribute to a workshop – you can also learn a new skill or two! Two birds, one brush.

Blending Business and Art

The most robust professional is one that mixes art with business by leaving its mark on the customer. Making art for the sake of it is where you might start. That will always be the purest starting point. With access to a space rental for a photoshoot, you can take professional photos of your art and skills and showcase them as a business or service opportunity for others. Great artists are intrigued by the creative process. They are willing to invest in whatever will impress their clients – a robust set of oil paints, a new tablet for digital designs, a photoshoot set designer to help with branding their shoots, etc. They produce for the sheer pleasure of it, not for profit. Their enthusiasm pervades their business. And this, it will pay off.

Creating with passion

When you create from the heart, it’s more accessible to enter the flow state; you must be open and vulnerable, exposing a part of your soul you’ll freeze if you start worrying about what other people might think. Start by searching for a space rental for the photoshoot and ask them what they can do to help promote your product and services. Believe in yourself as the most capable vessel for your task. Use your experiences, perspectives, and background to create a unique experience for your potential customers. Channel your hopes, challenges, and dreams into the work as well. Our customers are humans. Your job is bound to resonate with them.

In suIt’sy

It’s a fantastic thing to be a part of the creative process. But, the harder you attempt to be great, the more road you’ll encounter. Stop second-guessing yourself. Everything you require is already in your possession. Allow the magic to happen.



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